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Things to consider before buying a hosting plan.

Like most things, making a decision in web hosting is quite a hard step to make when you are about to host your business/service online.

Have you ever hosted a website online? If no, then you might probably want to know exactly what you should consider before purchasing a hosting plan. And if yes, then you exactly/somehow know the disadvantages of purchasing a hosting plan without doing some consideration.

Before you begin the journey to web hosting, here are some tips that you should consider before choosing a hosting plan.


This is the first aspect that everyone looks for when purchasing a web hosting plan. However, the price shouldn’t make you decide on the hosting plan yet. Some say PRICE = VALUE, it might be true and not true at some point.

So you should take a closer look at the features that each host provides, and THEN compare prices.

Note: Some hosting providers offer lower price on the first payment and even three times more on the next payment.

Specifications or Features

What does the hosting company have to offer on the plan you select? Most users tend to get a hosting plan without considering the features hence regretting later.

Knowing exactly what your business wants will be an easy guide to choose a plan having all the features that suit you.

Note: You should contact support to help you choose a better plan, having all the features you need.

Customer Support

One of the most important things to consider while getting a hosting plan. Will you be able to contact your provider? Is your provider available 24/7? You should know some sites have customer support on weekdays only.

Providers offer different levels of support, such as Email Support, Live Support, Toll-free, Social Media, and many more.

Your provider should have a good, solid reputation for their support department, because one thing you don’t want is to wait for a long time in a queue.


The big web is filled with a lot of providers, with cheap prices over a lot of features with fancy websites. When I talk of quality I mean speed and up-time.

Speed: A slow website can be caused by many things, a slow server can be one of the causes. Fixing a slow server that’s out of your hands, it may take months for a slower server to be fixed.

A slow website annoys your USERS even destroys your reputation on the Search Engine rankings.

Up-time: The amount of time your provider’s server remains operational. It will be very frustrating to see your site unreachable further more un-noticeable downtimes.

Some sites tend to keep false up-time information to lure users into their sites. You should try to check other user’s reviews from review sites.


An essential requirement from any website. A web host with great security is definitely what you should consider.

Some security features you should consider are:

SSL: (Secure Socket Layer) Most browsers nowadays give a warning to a user visiting a website having no SSL Certificate, hence this reduces the trust a user keeps on your site.

Check if your hosting provider offers an SSL Certificate, if you can’t afford one from their site, ask if you can add a custom Certificate.

BackUp: This is essential if you value your content. Most people trust their Hosting provider to the extent that they don’t take backups seriously. It might be a slight mistake from you or your hosting provider eventually leading to loss of valuable data.

If you can’t make your own backups, then ensure that your hosting provider automatically backups your data.

Other Security features you should also consider are Malware Protection, Server Maintenance, Blacklist protection etc.

Privacy Policy & Terms

It’s an existing habit that most people don’t tend to read or follow up on the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions (Terms of Use/Service) of a website. A hosting provider should have this.

Privacy Policy: This is how a Hosting Provider handles your data. Make sure you follow up on how they handle your data.

Terms: These are regulations/rules of how you should use their service. Most sites end up closed/banned because of not following the terms of a Hosting Provider. (Especially Sites having adult contents).


Web hosting providers have different competitive features that make each one stand out from one another.

Each user has different reviews according to his/her experience on the hosting provider.

Well, in most cases choosing a web host won’t be that tough depending upon your hosting requirement. So I advise you to list down your hosting requirements before initializing your search.

What is your experience with hosting? What are some other things you would recommend?
We would love to hear from you from the comment section below.

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