Overcome Personal Obstacles In 6 Steps.

If you hope to become, the best, you can be, it is essential to realize, obstacles, will often, present themselves, and how we address them, consider them, and proceed, often, makes a tremendous difference, in doing, what’s best for us, in the immediate, intermediate, and longer-term! One can consider an obstacle, to be, either a problem or a challenge, to overcome! When one thinks of problems, it usually, conjures – up, a negative, undesirable image and set of conditions, etc, but, when we think of challenges, it often, helps us, emphasize and prioritize, the best path, forward, and a challenge, to be our best, rather than settling, for good – enough! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 steps, towards successfully, overcoming our personal obstacles (actual, and/ or, perceived ones)!

1. Clearly identify our personal concerns (current and longer-term):

 Unless/ until, you begin this process, by, clearly, and thoroughly, examining and considering, things, which you consider, concerning, why, and what they represent to you, personally, it is extremely difficult, to do anything, significant, about them! Begin, by introspectively, and objectively, giving yourself, a thorough, check-up, from your neck-up, how can you achieve what you wish to address? The better you understand yourself, including personal areas of strength and weakness, the better you can help yourself!

2. What are your options?:

 Once, you perform the first step, begin asking yourself, what are your options and alternatives, and what makes the most sense, for you? Never permit your fears, and/ or, worries/ concerns, to lead you, to resort to debilitating, procrastination, when, you are always, best – served, when you take well-considered, timely actions!

3. What do you want the result to be, and why?:

 What result, would you prefer, and why? Is your choice of paths, taken, a beneficial one, or are, you merely, creating additional, future, unwanted stresses, because of your lack of quality, viable actions, and planning?

4. What are you willing to do?/ How important is it to you?:

 Beware of, proceeding, following a path, others choose, rather than, considering, thoroughly, what you want, perceive, need, etc, and what actions are you willing to proactively, take, to ensure the finest personal results? The more important, you perceive and believe, your choice, to be, the more, you might do, for yourself!

5. Will you choose the best path or the path of least resistance?:

 Be careful, not, to fall into the trap, of taking some path of least resistance, because it, may appear, easiest, and most expedient! Rather, emphasize and prioritize, choosing the best path, forward, at – present, and into the future!

6. Will you proactively, avoid procrastination? It is essential to fully understand, and realize, procrastination is a potentially – deadly path, because it merely, puts off until tomorrow, things you probably, should have done, yesterday, or before! Proactively, seek the best course of action, for you, and begin, the process of self-help, by holding yourself in greater demand, and making a true, difference, for the better, in terms of your personal best – interests, etc!

Unless/ until, you handle obstacles, proactively, and in your best – interests, you create unnecessary, additional stresses, worries, and added tensions! Are you prepared, to help yourself, towards becoming, the best, you can be?

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